When most people see a private jet speed by, they probably think, “there goes a celebrity bolting off to some private island vacation.” But, the truth is, it is far more likely that there are some businessmen and businesswomen on board, going over their pitch as they are jetting off to various locations for a roadshow. That’s because they know, as we do, that there are many advantages to flying private for business over a commercial flight.

Below are the Top 5 benefits of flying on a private jet for business, as compiled during a recent survey done by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA).

1. Flexibility – The reason identified more than any other in the survey was flexibility. Travel for business could be needed at a moment’s notice, or during hours that the commercial hours cannot accommodate. Those surveyed said that more than half of the business aircraft flights they took enabled them to keep business schedules “that could not be met efficiently using the scheduled airlines, or other modes of transportation.”

2. More Direct to more destinations – Of those surveyed, the second most important benefit to flying private for business is being able to get closer to your ultimate destination and being able to travel to more locations. Since private jets can fly in and out of regional airports worldwide, they can get you to more locations, and closer to your ultimate destination, than their commercial counter parts. That means less time traveling and more time doing business!

3. Privacy and Productivity – The third benefit has to do with being able to get more work done on a private flight — after all you are traveling for business, not pleasure.  You can have meetings or negotiations with partners or clients in complete privacy on a business jet. Beyond that the comfort and ability to get better rest, boosts staff efficiency and productivity.

4. Supplemental Lift – There many corporations and business owners that do indeed own a business jet. But, there could be times when the corporate jet is not available, or it is not the right size or type of jet for a given business trip. At such times the company will reach out to private jet charter companies. In the private aviation industry, this is called “supplemental lift,” and it the fourth reason to fly private for business on our list.

5. Safety and Security – The fifth spot on the list of the to five reasons as to why companies prefer to fly private, is for the added safety and security of a private jet. There is a common misconception that private jets, because they are smaller, are somehow less safe than commercial jets. Actually, statistically, commercial airlines crash more often than private jets. Also, private jets tend to be newer, and better maintained than their commercial counterparts. Furthermore, private jets are just as secure, if not more secure than commercial flights – while avoiding all of the hassles of going through airport security!

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  1. My boss travels a lot and sometimes he cannot book his flight tickets on time. I like how you said that flying in private jets gives you more available options to choose airports. It would be nice for my boss to try flying in a private jet.

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