With access to our approved charter fleet of over 10,000 aircraft around the world, clients can be wheels up within 2 hours of booking. Travel on the newest and most desirable aircraft in every size category, from turboprops to VIP airliners under OspreyJets rigorous safety standards.

Turboprop Charter Costs & Aircraft Overview

Turboprop charters are utilized by OspreyJets clients all over the world for short and mid-range missions. Offering access to small airports that jets cannot use, these competitively-priced aircraft are ideal for many trips.

Turboprop charter costs vary aircraft, but these planes are roughly half the cost to charter a Light or Midsize Jet, which have the same seating capacity and baggage space.  Most full-sized Turboprops like the King Air 300 and Pilatus PC-12 are actually more comfortable in the cabin than Light Jets, and offer added baggage space in wing compartments.

Compact Light Jet Charter Costs & Basic Info

Compact Light Jets (also known as Very Light Jets or VLJs) offer a tailored solution for short to mid-range trips when larger equipment is not necessary. Typically seating 4-5 passengers and offering a range of 3-3.5hrs, Compact Jets are a great choice for many regional trips.

The cost to charter a Compact Jet or VLJ usually falls in the $2,800 – $3,200 per hour range.  Prices on these planes are more affordable than Light Jets, and when flying with only 2-3 passengers they can be just as comfortable.

Light Jet Charter Costs & Basic Info

Light Jets are often the choice for flights in the 3-4hr range, typically capable of flying 1500 miles nonstop. Light Jets seat 6-7 passengers comfortably and up to 8 at maximum capacity.

The cost to charter a Light Jet ranges from $3,200 to $4,200 per hour, before fuel, fees and taxes.  Baggage space may be limited depending on the model, making it difficult to bring skis or golf bags on a Light Jet, but with fewer than 7 passengers and minimal luggage, Light Jets can get the job done.

Midsize Jet Charter Costs & Basic Info

Midsize Jets offer greater range a larger interior for passengers than Light Jets. Interior features are similar to Light Jets but have more layout options, such as spacious divans to stretch out on, and expanded galley and bathroom options.

The cost to charter a Midsize Jet ranges from $4,800 to $5,800 per hour on most models.  With minimum seating for 7 passengers comfortably and sometimes up to 9 at max capacity, Midsize Jets are great options for family trips and small group outings.

Super Midsize Jet Charter Costs & Basic Info

Super Midsize Jets offer greater range and increased cabin space than Midsize Jets, seating 8-10 people on nonstop cross-country routes. Smaller and more efficient than Heavy Jets, Supermids filled a growing need in the marketplace for aircraft with increased range at a smaller price than.

The cost to charter a Super Midsize Jet can range from $5,800 – $7,000 per hour before fuel, fees, and taxes.  With fewer than 10 passengers on flights shorter than 8hrs, SuperMids offer huge savings versus Heavy Jets, with similar comfort.  Luxury options in the SuperMids class include a private lavatory, spacious internal/external luggage areas, and advanced entertainment systems.

Heavy Jet Charter Costs & Basic Info

Heavy jets are the largest and most luxurious of the private jets readily available in the charter market. With major names like Bombardier, Gulfstream and Dassault manufacturing advanced equipment for lofty price tags, Heavy Jets are the best of the best.

Heavy Jets offer unparalleled comfort and space for the private traveler. Amenities are endless in this class, with aircraft owners having full control of every aspect of the passenger cabin. Ranges of some of the newest Heavy Jets exceed 12hr of continuous flight time, making these planes magnificent tools for multinational corporations and the global elite flyer.

Ultra Long Range Jet Costs & Basic Info

The Ultra Long Range category of business jets represents the newest and most technologically advanced aircraft available.  The term ‘Ultra Long Range’ became widely used in 2004 when Gulfstream announced the G-V.

With manufactures like Gulfstream and Bombardier constantly raising the bar in range and efficiency, the list of Ultra Long Range aircraft has grown steadily since inception.  Since these planes offer the latest technology and unparalleled luxury, hourly rates before taxes and fees typically float between $9,000 – $11,500 per flight hour.

Business Airliner Charter Costs & Basic Info

Business Airliners are utilized for large group charter, as these aircraft seat anywhere from 19 to 120 passengers.  There are three main types of airliners for charter:  Turboprop Airliners, Regional Airliners and the traditional Business Airliner, which is the largest of the three.

The cost to charter an airliner varies by the size of the aircraft and trip details, but hourly rates range from around $2500 – $10,000 or more, for the newest and largest aircraft.  Turboprop and Regional Airliners usually feature seating arrangements similar to commercial planes, while the largest airliners can be configured in an executive layout for more space per person.

OspreyJets is an Indirect Air Carrier and does not own, maintain, or operate aircraft.  All advertised air charter transportation services are offered and provided by third-party FAA-licensed direct air carriers, certified under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 135 or Part 121 as issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.